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Using Zoom Bridge vs ZoomISO for outputting individual pinned zoom callers as NDI streams

Hi, community,
between Zoom Bridge and ZoomISO, which is your preference of choice, and kindly share your reasons why.
So far, I only used Zoom Bridge and I kinda like it for the fact that the software can be installed on both Windows and Apple OS. ZoomISO only has an Apple OS version.
Cons of Zoom Bridge could be that the max it can output is 720p30fps.
However, the good thing about ZoomISO is that it can go up to 1080p30fps.
For ZoomISO I think also has the ability to integrate OSC for automation on Streamdeck/Companion. Which is a plus for ZoomISO.
This leads me to the next question:
Have anyone used the above software on multiple PCs to encode more than 10x and more pinned zoom callers' NDI streams into the network?
Have you also tried pushing so many streams, that it goes beyond 1gbps bandwidth usage on the network, resulting in you having to use a 2.5gbps/10gbps network switch?
If so, have you tried to also ingest and use all these streams at the same time into a powerful media server (with a 10gbe NIC card) for processing and outputting them as baseband HDMI video signals?
How were your experience and the result? Or did it end up as a failure and you decided to just go back to the traditional route of using 1x HDMI output per laptop for each pinned callers.
And finally to have all the laptops HDMI outputs to be captured by a hardware video switcher instead.
Thank you for your time!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @ranvier welcome to the community! We're so glad you've posted this discussion here. As I don't have the experience to test Using Zoom Bridge vs ZoomISO. But for ZoomISO, what Output Format are you using? I ask because states using NewTek NDI the expected output bandwidth is about 50Mbps for 1080p outputs. And you can have Up to 5 Participant Outputs at 720/1080p HD at 30FPS, or 6+ outputs at 1080/720p at 15FPS. 


Also, from our Zoom Dev Forum,, @liminal_andy stated in April, "Liminal is about to release ZoomISO, a native NDI and Syphon output system for Zoom meetings that can export over eight 1080p ISO feeds of users in Zoom meetings and webinars from a single meeting join event if your meeting is 1080p capable (I actually have not yet found the limit!). It also contains the full ZoomOSC Pro core. We need help testing it before release, and the eyes of other Zoom SDK devs are always welcome, so if you want to try it out as we are in the final stages, shoot us an email at"


Maybe going the route of shooting an email to liminalet for more information on the intended experience. Hope this helps and guides you in the right direction.

Zoom Community Moderator

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