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Unexpected Crash when screen sharing in meetings


I have just installed Zoom on my new MS Surface Pro 9 (Intel i7 with 16GB Ram). In a meeting with one other participant when I share PPT slides or a video I get an Unexpected Quit message.  This only happens when I try to share a screen or a large application such as Powerpoint or a video.  It's not happening if I share a word document for example. Also not happening if I am the only participant. It was working fine on my old Surface Pro 7.


I have checked that I have the latest version (5.12.8) and I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom. I have tried changing the share screen settings to remove hardware acceleration and removed TCP connection. Similarly, I have switched off hardware acceleration for video and tried changing the rendering method to Direct3D9 and Dircet3D11. None of these things have solved the problem. 


I can share screen using Zoom on the browser but that is limited, and I want to be able to use the downloaded programme. 


Any ideas?



Why Zoom Crashes when Sharing screen?
Improper configuration: If your Zoom settings aren't configured properly, it may cause the Zoom app to quit while you're sharing your screen. The antivirus software blocked the app: Some antivirus programs tend to block certain activities when they detect malicious activity in a program.




I used the chat support with Zoom and got great help. I sent in some detailed log and in a couple of days got the message back that I had downloaded the 32 bit rather than the 64 but version. All solved when I reinstalled the correct version.