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Unclear Instructions for Recurring Meeting - 2 Questions


I am setting up a recurring meeting and it's not going as planned. The instructions and interface are not very clear and there isn't a follow up to confirm anything other than a vague 'recurring' note. 

1- I clicked the 'recurring' button but when I connect to my iCalendar, it shows up only once and with a different time. I modify this in the Calendar, but I can't see any confirmation or invite in the Zoom app that this is correct. Do I have to send out a new invite manually every day? Does it come from iCalendar and not Zoom? Seems a bit strange that zoom doesn't have this built-in. How can I confirm this will be sent to my team without errors? 

2- Why are time slots only in 30 minute intervals? If I want a 7:45am meeting, I have to create 7:30 and this will confused my team and mess up my own work calendar. What am I missing here?