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Unable to setup input / output levels when using Scarlett Solo on Mac


It slides back to zero no matter how many times I try to set it up. Works fine with MBP internal audio when Scarlett Solo disconnected.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @mkozmin! I know it has been a while since you initially posted, but I want to make sure you receive assistance. Are you still having this issue? If so, please take a look at these troubleshooting steps offered by Focusrite.


Let me know if that helps!

Zoom Community Team

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

hey @CarlaA I am having the exact same issue. Full updated zoom yet the exact same thing. Input bar slides back to zero when using  a scarlett solo and condenser mic

@CarlaA i have a macbook air m2, this problem wasnt there when i was using a windows laptop before.


i have also tried it with different soundcards other than focusrite. its still the same outcome.


Any luck? I just updated to Ventura 13.4 and it was working before hand with my Scarlett Solo but now I have the exact same experience as you. 

@brendanr I just resolved mine, I was using the Line In vs the "first" (XLR) input. When i switch to the XLR it works fine. I read somewhere else that zoom only recognizes the "first" input, or i guess in this case, the left input. 


@brendanr - I found a solution for me. On you Mac, open Audio MIDI Setup, click the + in the bottom right and create an aggregate device. Select Scarlett Solo USB and make sure Input1 and Input2 are selected (I clicked the Scarlett Solo USB in the subdevices. Relaunch zoom and select your new Aggregate device (which you can rename) and it works now. 


 is this the settings you've used. Still no change in mine even after this. When I put aggregate device as the new input, the soundbar slides back. Also, thank you for responding and trying to help me out, Big ups!