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Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 Installation Fails


Three failures concerning Zoom on Ubuntu, one being incorrect installation instructions, the second being a failure to connect, and a third being an erroneous upgrade prompt


Incorrect installation instructions.  The instructions for installing Zoom from the terminal are incorrect and fail.  The correct instructions, having downloaded zoom_amd64.deb, are, from the DEB file's directory,


`sudo dpkg -i zoom_amd64.deb`


Then, because the DEB installer lacks necessary dependencies,


`sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`




`sudo aptitude -r update && sudo aptitude -r full-upgrade`


It would of course be easier were the DEB in the Universe repository so that all that is necessary is


`sudo apt update && sudo apt install zoom`


Launch failure.  Having installed Zoom, it then fails to launch in Firefox when a meeting link is clicked.


First, one receives a popup,


>Allow this site to open the zoommtg link?


which is fine but the popup continues with,


>You'll need to choose an application.


and offers no suggestions, which is odd because the application was just installed and should appear.  Clicking on Choose Application takes one to ~, which is especially odd because by convention, no applications are installed there.


If one knows to go searching in /usr/bin for an application, he finds a symlink to /opt/zoom/ZoomLauncher.  Unfortunately, specifying any of:


- /usr/bin/zoom

- /opt/zoom/ZoomLauncher

- /opt/zoom/zoom

- /opt/zoom/zopen


fails.   I.e., having specfied one of the executables, nothing happens.  This is true regardless of whether Zoom has been manually opened.


Just, wow.


False upgrade prompt.  Having launched Zoom by clicking on its icon, it informs:


>A new version is available!  Update


Clicking on the link takes one to the very same download page one was on minutes before, with a link to the identical DEB file.


Why this prompt exists is not obvious.


And, two hours later, well after the meeting ended, here we are.


Google Meet, here we come.