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USB Audio Input Issues on android


I have the Mecool KM6 Deluxe TvBox and I want to use it with Zoom.
This TvBox is "Hey Google" Assistant ready by its buit-in microphone on the bluetooth remote control.
But there is some conflict, because Zoom doesn't recognizes any microphone. 
I have a USB webcam with built-in microphone, and it is recognized by Zoom, but the microphone doesn't. 
I even tried the Lesser AudioSwith app to switch the default audio input but even so it doesn't work.
1. Does anyone have a solution?
And the very important question:
2. Why Zoom android version doesn't have the change audio input feature like desktop version?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @FPires, Mecool has a video on setting up your device and looking within the comments it looks like most users are having the best luck with USB camera with a built-in microphone 


As it looks like I believe the way this is a workaround, I haven't seen any official compatibility with Android TV but with Android, in our Knowledge base at


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Zoom android version doesn't have the change audio input feature like desktop version. This is a serious limitation to using other audio sources on the mobile, like the Grenaro wireless microphone which connects via C Type adaptor. The solution can come only from Zoom.  Mecool's answer is not at all useful for this topic.