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Strange bitmapping or pixelated issues on recorded video


We've recorded 4 previous meetings with Zoom and used the recordings for a video blog.  On our 5th interview, I've noticed weird bit-mapping appearing randomly throughout the video.  Chunks of area on the video seem to have a moiré effect and/or pixelating going on.  Sometimes on the eyelids of participants, around their faces and in the background.

It was not noticed during the filming of the meeting, but appears in the playback of the video.

What is causing this effect?  I'd like to avoid it in the future.

Can the existing video be corrected without re-recoding it?

Thanks in advance.





Background is affected here.


Face badly pixelated ere.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @scottIWG I saw a similar issue the other day on a MAC. Have you downloaded the video or are you viewing from the cloud? Are you able to play the video through VLC? And please can you confirm whether this issue happens on both MAC and PC? 


Hello EvelynF,

After the video was processed by Zoom it appears in my download folder, so I'm pretty sure it is from my hard drive and not the cloud.  I'm using a PC at work for this.  Since I'm on a server at work, I'm not able to install VLC.  I'm viewing it on Windows Media Player.  Were you able to correct this issue?

Thanks for your reply.