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Sing Along


I'm planning a sing along, and want all participants to be able to hear the collective voices. 

Is this possible? Zoom latest Windows 10 version, running on laptop.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If I understand correctly, you'd like remote participants to all participate in the sing-along from different locations over Zoom. If you are broadcasting a sing-along over Zoom with all participants in one location (one computer) and just allowing others to listen/watch, disregard my response below entirely!!


While there are some workarounds that may help you get closer to the desired result (Live Performance Mode / Original Sound for Musicians for all users + headphones for all users to avoid feedback), Zoom is designed as a conferencing product and painstakingly engineered to not allow large numbers of voices to be heard at the same time over a call.


I would advise looking for a software solution built for this task. If you find one, it will absolutely require all users to have audio input/output configurations that prevent feedback from occurring (headphones are the lowest common denominator).

One example is , although I have never used and cannot recommend personally.