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Screen sharing fails on repeated use during a session


Having worked perfectly for years - my system will only allow Screen Share a few times (typically 3x) and then the Apps I would have expected to be presented disappear leaving me with the Whiteboard and ipad/iphone  - where I would have expected to see Powerpoint.  I'm running Windows 11 and no other concurrent Apps - except Powerpoint.  This is a new problem - only started happening in the last week and I have reset Share screen options in settings - the only way i can clear it once it's started is a reboot.


Any ideas?




We haven't seen that problem yet. But we are still on Windows 10.  Wonder if your issue has something to do with the new Windows 11 OS?  Your reboot solution seems to indicate that the Windows 11 OS might be the cause of the problem. Guessing that MS support will tell you the solution is to use MS Teams. You might want to test that just to see if the problem still exists. I have had very good luck connecting with and being helped by MS support recently. Was pleasantly surprised by that. They even helped me try to find a solution to a PPt/Zoom issue that we were having.  Even though MS doesn't support Zoom.  You should probably try to connect with MS support if you can't fix your issue without them. I was also able to connect to Zoom support. Though that took longer. Neither one completely resolved our Zoom issue. But between clues providec by both of them and one of our club members who also works in tech support we finally fixed out issue.