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Screen Share Local vs Remote participant.




Using Zoom Desktop with a 2nd monitor at the back of the room so faculty can see far end students. If the room shares the  powerpoint will show on the main screen at the front of the room. However, if a remote participant shares it send content to the screen at the back of the room. Currently no matrix and control system in the room. Is there any options to tell zoom what monitor you want share content to show on when a remote participant is sharing?


Thank you


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Not within Zoom, no - this platform is not exactly known for thinking about flexible use cases, especially when it comes to larger systems.

What you can do is run the PPT from your PowerPoint application and force a specific monitor (the same one that gets utilized for remote content) for presentation, then share that whole display on Zoom.

You can then switch your monitors in the OS if the locations are swapped.

Basically, you want to cater to and match the lowest common denominator of what you can't control from Zoom by controlling what you can in the OS/PPT.