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Repeatedly dropping from elementary school classrooms


Hi there, I have two kids in virtual elementary school (kindergarten and 2nd grade).  Both utilize their own zoom accounts which is used on two newer Windows 10 dell laptops and each of their school issued ipads.  The laptops are hardwired ethernet with verified speeds up to about 300 Mbps / 15 Mbps (down/up).  Zoom clients are all regularly updated, onedrive is our cloud service, and malwarebytes is our antivirus.  Router is a newish netgear nighthawk.


My problem is that starting about 3 weeks ago (early/mid February 2022), my 2nd grader has been getting dropped from her classroom meeting on the order of 4 times a day across 3 different devices.  I have witnessed it dropping her.   Teacher reports that my kid is the only one who regularly has this problem and only people with bad connections ever get dropped.  Are there any settings do you think I can try on my end?  We are really at a loss as the IT dept for the school district practically non-responsive.


The kindgartener has not been dropped once, even when using the same two laptops.



Maybe you need to restart your laptop. It might be a glitch. Or maybe reinstall Zoom. 


Thanks, but this issue occurs across three DIFFERENT installs on three different devices for only one particular user.  Regardless, yes, I restarted the laptops.

Have you tried entering other meetings other than the two classes?