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Recording lost



I would like to ask you one question. In January I made an very important call which was recorded via Zoom. Not knowing how the Zoom works, I thought it will be saved in my acccount just on MS Teams and therefore I dont have to save it. Nevertheless the Zoom asked me if I want to save recording on Cloud or to computer. I didnt want to upgrade my account, so I have chosen the option save to desktop. The problem is, my desktop was damaged and unable to restore the data. So I lost the way to my recording. Is there any chance , how I can get my recording back via Zoom? Or how to reach customer service, any mail or phone number or person I can contact? Do they somehow have access to your account and content? Thanks a lot.





Check your recording list and the cloud


Unfortunately, Zoom just keeps the local record of where the recording saved and does not keep a copy of the recording for themselves. Cloud recordings save on Zoom Servers, but after 30 days in the trash they are also deleted permanently and Zoom does not have a way to recover them.


Since it saved in your documents folder there's a chance if you have Dropbox, OneDrive, or something similar, it might have been saved and backed up by one of those services, but Zoom does not keep a copy of any local recordings.