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Recording function


Hi, I was a host of the webinar and wanted to give permission to record to someone.

I already set the recording is enabled and when I tried it, someone who I wanted to give permission, there was no option for 'allow to record local files'. At the same time, this person has 'Change Role to Attendee' instead. He was one of the panelists, then can you figure it out how should I deal with it? 




Zoom Moderator

Hi @ellieyoon_! Apologies for the delay in response. 

To assign recording privileges to a participant:

  1. As the host, click Participants 
  2. In the participants menu, navigate to the participant who you want to grant recording privileges to and click More next to their name.
  3. Click Allow Record.
    The participant will receive a notification about recording privileges. When a participant is recording, the participant menu will display a recording icon next to the participant's name.
  4. To disable the participant's ability to record, click More next to the name, then click Forbid Record.
    The participant will receive a notification about no longer having recording privileges.

I hope this helps! 


Zoom Community Team