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Recording doesn't work correctly


Hello, I'm really hoping that someone can help me.


I need to record meetings locally with the following setup:

1.  Record the screen when I share my screen.  Don't record the screen when I pause or stop sharing.
2. Show my video (my talking) on the right hand side.
3. Don't show the other participants.

I've been trying to get this taken care of through support off and on for over a month.  They have not been helpful at all.  They tell me to do things that don't work.  Give me links that go to pages that don't apply.

I pause or stop sharing in the meetings when I am demonstrating things where my video needs to be bigger, but the recording keeps sharing my screen, keeping my video tiny, and including several other peoples' videos.


Please help

Is it possible to do this?  If not, is there an alternative to Zoom that might work better?