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Recorded without being logged in


I was invited to Zoom Session. I forgot to log into my account. I got permission from Host to record session. But I can't find the recording. It's not in my PC. Any ideas would be greatly apprecaited. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @dakota2800 

Recordings are usually in documents/zoom
in the Zoom app. Choose settings and in the recording section, you will see your settings.
You must be in the meeting to record it, and it will only record when you are in the meeting. and you need to turn on the recording, so I don't think a recording was made.
All the best


Hi John,  Thanks for the response. I did record the session and the host approved it. I just was not logged into my Zoom acount. I have searched everywhere ( to include what you suggest) and still not finding it.  I did the find the Meeting ID in my Zoom Account. 


Any thoughts?