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Random Meeting Acceptances


I'm having a problem where I keep "accepting" recurring meetings over and over again without actually pressing "accept." I look in my sent mail folder and I find "you have accepted xyz meeting" nearly every day, even though I haven't received any meeting invites. These random acceptances have gone out hundreds of times. What can I do to stop it?


Zoom Moderator

Hi @rstil! Thank you for your contribution! I apologize that you have not yet received a reply from the community as it has been a bit since you posted. Are you still running into this issue? Please let me know so we can get this all sorted for you. Thank you!



Zoom Community Team 

I am still having this issue.

Community Champion

Hello @rstil


 There is a possibility that if your exchange email address is listed as a Calendar Resource that the events could be auto-accepted on your behalf. Dependent upon what calendaring system you are using (Office 365, Exchange, Google, etc.) I would reach out to your Software admin for that calendaring system and ask them if the auto-accept configuration has been enabled for your email account. This would not be a Zoom issue, but we will surely assist you in getting this solved. 

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The auto-accept configuration is not enabled.

Community Champion

Hello @rstil


 Auto-configuration is automatic when you integrate an exchange calendar as a calendar resource. Is your email address listed as a calendar resource? If you are not the exchange admin, I would reach out to the exchange admin and ask about this issue. This is not a Zoom issue, this is a calendar issue. 

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I confirmed with my IT department that my calendar is not doing auto-accepts. This also doesn't happen with any meeting invitations from any program other than zoom. Zoom is the only online meeting invitations that results in this problem.