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Poly "this room is not available"


Hi all,


Since the latest Zoom Rooms update with one particular Poly setup in our organization, the Poly bar shows a "This room is not available" error after getting connected. 

The Poly bar is connected by a Poly touch panel, which occasionally (also since the update) show error 5003: "Configure your Zoom Rooms on the Zoom web portal and try again" or "Cannot connect to Zoom Rooms".

The strange thing is that, all of our certs are valid and the Zoom web portal shows the Room as online. Everything is up-to-date, so we aren't sure what the problem is. We've also ensured that the switch that the Poly bar and touch panel are connected to is not stuck behind a VLAN that requires manual MAC registration, so it is connected directly to the Internet.

Another strange thing, is after a random number of power cycles of the whole unit, the touch panel will connect to the Zoom Rooms app where you can create a new meeting, join one, etc but the Poly bar will show the same "This room is unavailable" error on the screen. In this state, we are able to connect to a meeting, whether its joining one or creating/hosting one. After the meeting is ended, the screen returns to the error page.

We've reviewed logs from the Poly bar and found nothing significant, and we're running out of ideas.

Are we missing something?



Lol. Just noticed that the time on the touch panel is one hour off, due to DST. 
And we don't know what the password is to access the settings. Ha.

Will update thread once new developments are made.