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Pulling attendance reports for event that is not my own


My department is responsible for school district-wide professional development.  We assign one district person to work with each presenter.  The district person creates the Zoom event and shares the link.  The designated district people will change with each new segment, so it's never the same folks.


After the event, I need an attendance report to confirm professional development credit earned, and as proof of attendance for our finance department to release payment for presenter fees.  The problem is not everyone is able to pull that report -- despite written and graphic instructions I provide.   Is there an easy-to-understand way I can access their events to pull the reports?  I've checked around in our district and cannot determine if we have an "administrator" who could potentially change my role.


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Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi SnortNZoom,

It appears your challenge is two fold.  First you need to find out who the Owner and/or Admin is in your Account and second you need a Role Management change in order to run reports.  Your Owner/internal support person should be listed on your Account profile page.  This is how you find that info:  Account-profile    The second option is easy if you collaborate with your Admin using these directions:  Using-role-management   


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