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Problem with recording meetings


I use Zoom to record interviews, and have set my settings so that when I open a meeting, the record function turns on automatically.  Recently however I have been finding that often doesn't happen, and when I try to turn on "Record" Zoom replies that I have to request permission from the host.  That makes no sense, as I am the host of the meeting.  How do I resolve this so that I can turn on "Record"?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi TAC06457,


It sounds like you may not be logged into your Zoom application. In order to be recognized as the host & have your settings applied to your meetings you will want to ensure you have logged into the application on your machine. 


Are you signed in as the host? Sometimes users have more than one account, and if the meeting was set as "allow participants to join anytime" and if you're not signed is as the host who created the meeting, the problem you're experiencing can happen.