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Problem watching a cloud recording


I am trying to watch a cloud recording from a class that requires me to register before I watch so I can get credit for it. I have never had issues accessing it before, but in the last week I keep getting promoted over and over for my registration info - it keeps returning me to the screen. Any idea if this is a setting on my end that is preventing me from getting in?



If you are still unable to locate the cloud recording: Verify that you were the host of the meeting or webinar, as cloud recordings are only available to the host of the session. If you were not the host, reach out to them and ask them to share the recording with you. The recording may not have been started by anyone.




Hi - I’m not the host. The receding has been shared with me and I can see it. When I try to view it - I am prompted to ‘register’ so the teacher knows I viewed it. But once I fill in the form and submit, it brings me back to the form to register all over again.