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Problem showing slides in Hybrid Meeting


We have been meeting fully Zoom and sharing screens for over two years now, but we recently began hosting hybrid meetings with a laptop, an LCD unit projecting on wall for live audience and a Meeting Owl.  


Things were great but recently, after loading a speakers PPTX file on our laptop and then sharing the screen, the slides advance fine on the screen for the live audience to see, but my Zoom audience says the slides are not advancing for them. 

I am guessing it has to do with the whole screen 1 vs screen 2 issue?  I tried clicking "duplicate" on the display setting but that did not solve the problem. 

This just started about  a month ago.   My solution for the moment is to ask that all in-person speakers bring their own laptop, connnect via WIFI to our meeting and share from their laptop (which is never a problem), but sometimes they don't have a laptop and I have to load them on our laptop.  That's when and where the issues seem to begin. 

Is there some news setting in Zoom I should be making or is it more a laptop display issue?