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Populating authentication exceptions from form or API


I'm about to turn on SSO for zoom meetings with Auth0 and have everything working, including registration. However we often have guests at our meetings and need to register 20-30 guests each week. We'd much rather make them authentication exceptions instead of temporary users in our Auth0 database. 


I can add them one at a time, but this does not scale well. Is there a way to populate this list from a guest registration form or using an API that pulls tagged contacts from my Hubspot CRM?


Note Taker

Hi gschare,


I am a little confused by your question. Using SSO is for signing into your account, this does not prevent external participants from joining or registering for meetings that have been scheduled on your account.

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Hi Chris.  There are two SSO features in Zoom - one for signing into your account and another for signing into meetings. I'm focused on the latter but will be implementing both. I have Zoom support working on this case and they're stumped so they've escalated it to tier 2. 

I've attached a screenshot of the meeting setup so you can see what I'm talking about.