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Poor image quality


We have been using Zoom to hold our camera club meetings and after a lot of experimentation we think that we have come up with the right solution. We are using a 4k CCTV camera to home in on 50cm x 50cm colour prints which are then Zoomed out to the membership. We have a monitor next to, but separate from our "Zooming" PC monitor and are therefore able to check what is going out and being received on Zoom. The images look OK on our monitor, but quite a few members are complaining about poor image quality - not sharp, watercolour filter appears to be overlaid over the picture.


Is there any underlying thing that might be causing this, especially (as I say) the images that we have a


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You need to take a look at your statistics while in the meeting. Click on the Green Shield on the top-left of the meeting window, then click on the gear icon. This will pop open a statistics window. Click on the Video tab on the top-right and take a look at the Send statistics to identify what resolution you're sending those images at. If your Zoom meeting is only capable of 360p then it doesn't matter if your equipment is providing 1080p, it will get crushed down to the maximum resolution that your subscription allows.

If you find that your subscription is limiting your resolution you can submit a support request to be whitelisted for 720p, which will greatly enhance the quality of your images.

You can also purchase an Amazon Echo or Facebook Portal and have that device join the meeting. When it joins it will bump the resolution of your meeting to 720p.

Hopefully, this helps. If you want to learn more or even test some things, come join us in the Zoom Test Kitchen on Friday afternoons at 3:00 pm eastern, where a bunch of Zoom Geeks hang out and dig into everything Zoom.

Jeff Widgren

Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen

Thanks Jeff, we will try what you suggest. 

As with many other organisations, we have now shut for Xmas, so reply might be a bit slow.

Marry Christmas