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One participant muting another only for themselves to avoid feedback in a hybrid meeting


Enabling a Zoom meeting participant to mute another participant only for themselves would be a huge benefit for our hybrid meetings to eliminate audio feedback.  The in-person sound system audio output as well as the inhouse cameras go to the meeting as a Zoom participant through one PC.  That PC also is used to play videos for the meeting.  If we want an online participant to speak, we join with another PC  and feed its system speaker to the sound system.  That creates a feedback loop since the second PC can hear the sound system audio as well as the online participant.  Incidentally, the second PC audio is heard by the in-person participants, but is not fed to the first PC (mix minus).  This could be easily fixed if there was a way for the second PC to mute the first PC's audio, but only for itself.  That way, there could be a back-and-forth between a live participant and an online participant that everyone could hear.  Any ideas?  Plans  for future features?



There's a feature request to the engineering team for an option to mute co-participants  in a meeting.