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Not recording certain participants


My wife is hosting a zoom event and is having me manage it. Some participants don't want to be recorded while the whole meeting will be. Is there a way to not have certain squares not be recorded? Everything i've found, including what my gut says, is that it isn't possible. Thought i'd ask here though. Thanks


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Not really, but there is something of a workaround, but again the whole meeting is recorded as you said.  Typically if you have the disclaimer up in a meeting and someone doesn't approve to be recorded, in my experience they are kicked out of the meeting.

Try this, test things out first, but I've found some ways to do this:


If recording to the cloud, go into your cloud recording settings, and uncheck anything that says record Gallery view.  You might have the option to record main speaker and screen separately as well, as well as the ability to choose to record thumbnails when sharing or not.

You can also choose to Spotlight your wife, so she is always seen as the main speaker in the recording no matter who is talking -

You can also not allow participants to come off mute, so there's no chance of them becoming  a speaker or hearing their voice either.

Again though, test this out first ahead of time to be sure with a few participants.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You can also hide the floating video panel in a meeting if sharing video by clicking the more button (3 dots) and selecting "Hide Video Panel."