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No stereo sound for musicians


I am a professional musician. I have tried everything following the guide of Zoom but it seems impossible to have a decent stereo sound for my listeners. And moreover the sound is at low quality, like it is a 8 bit. It is really terrible,,,,better to use the speakers of the phone.



Are you using"Original Sound"?   Preferences>Audio and SCROLL DOWN to find the Original sound for Musicians option underneath Audio Profile.  Tick that radio button, to see the next 3 options for High Fidelity music mode and Stereo Audio.  I turn off Echo Cancellation because if I use a delay it messes with my sound.

ALSO, (and this is an egregious error) when you share your audio, you have to also go to the "More" menu at the end of the control bar and in that pull down change mono audio to stereo audio.  You have to remember to set this for EACH NEW MEETING.  

ADDITIONALLY:  if you "leave computer audio" during a meeting, Original Sound will switch itself off.  You have to click in the upper left hand corner to turn it back on when you return.

If this helps you, please consider submitting a feedback report on these last two issues to Zoom.