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No Dates or Times on Recurring Meetings in Desktop Client


Just wondering if anyone else finds this to be somewhat problematic.  It looks like it is the intended functionality, but it causes some problems when our instructors have a  large volume of meetings. 


In the desktop client, unlike single-occurrence meetings, all recurring are listed at the bottom under a recurring meeting section.  While that is not necessarily problematic and perhaps good in some cases, the following is problematic:


It seems that all recurring meetings don't display any dates or times in the details under them.  They are listed in alphabetical order and then in date order even though there are no dates listed, unlike single-occurrence which are listed in date order and have details under them.


Not showing any dates for the recurring is very problematic. We have multiple sessions with the same title because they are titled with the subject of the session.   So, we have "A-Meeting" listed 4 times in a row with no dates under them in the recurring section.  The instructor has to know that they are looking for A-Meeting and not just looking for meetings that start today, so they might have to scroll way down the list to find Z-Meeting that starts today.  As a fix, we have to add the dates to the title so that a date show up, making a long title even longer.


If you look at the meetings in the web portal, where they were initiated, they are split out into each occurrence on each date that they occur, very easy to read, and follows the same convention as the single-day meetings. 

Is this only problematic for how we use Zoom or do others experience this as well? I am wondering why Zoom doesn't at least put the date range under the recurring meetings if they are going to list them alphabetically.