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No Annotation option when screen is shared by participants


I see several queries on this, and I followed all the instructions, but the annotation option did not show up when screen is shared by participants

I am the host, and I am able to annotate when I share screen

But when my participants share their screen, the annotation option is not available for me


I have tried this out with different participants and it is always the same


The following is my setting for Annotation 


Please help






I had the same problem today for the first time.  I use Zoom for teaching all the time, usually with my students sharing their screen and me annotating.  Today, no annotation available.  Maybe the student was using Zoom via his browser?  I didn't think to ask at the time.


Like the OP, I have the settings right in my account.  And I haven't changed them in months.  Any ideas?

Was this ever answered?  I am having the same problem and I never had that problem before.