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New version: automatically bring up email invitation during meeting creation, as in last version?


In the previous version of Zoom (IOS), after a meeting was scheduled, the email invitation automatically appeared. With the new version, I must manually go to Meetings, copy the invitation, and switch to my email app. These extra steps are a hindrance.


Is there a way to have the new version automatically display an email invitation after a meeting has been scheduled?



I have been searching like mad to find out why this was happening , I thought it was something I had done wrong, so pleased to hear it is something to do with a new version.
Can we please have the automatic email invitation put back please, it was so much easier.


I hear you, @SpeckledHen . I have a support case open and will report back whether this is the intended behaviour and any possible workarounds.

Thank you Blaq  I just do not understand why they have done away with this simple procedure, it was so much easier before.
PS Does anybody from Zoom ever respond to any of this, or are we just wasting our time ?