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Scheduling a Meeting and sending invites via ical


I am having issues with people getting my Zoom invites. I schedule the meeting and I have it export to my ical. My ical opens I add the attendees and hit send and no one is getting my invites. When I copy and paste the invitation from Zoom and send in an email that works but then the person getting the invite has to add that meeting to their calander manually. I'm trying to get it so that they get an invite via email and can just click the date and time and it automatically adds to their calendar



For ical you could use APIs to create an iCal invite every time you create a Zoom meeting invite and send to your recipients so they can add it to their calendar with one click. If you are not a developer, there is a marketplace app, Salepager that let's you schedule Zoom meetings and create a iCal invite concurrently/ automatically to invite your recipients.


Question for trao32 :  when I am scheduling a meeting via my iCalendar when I go to location, will it allow me to select zoom ?  Similar to when I am in my Google Calendar, it allows me to select Zoom and it adds my Zoom Link .