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Microphone Not Detected Randomly Throughout the Meeting



During my Zoom meetings, my microphone will be detected successfully at the beginning (I use an external headset that I plug into the audio jack). I have been using it for several months now with no problems, but within the last week during meetings, it will randomly not detect my microphone after others speak during the meeting (it will not change my microphone settings or show me as muted). I will have to literally switch from external microphone to same as system then back to external microphone during the meeting and it will detect me for some time. It will randomly not detect my audio randomly again during the meeting, usually after someone else talks. 

I have Windows 10 Enterprise and I do have automatic updates that occur, but this is greatly affecting my ability to lead meetings and I had to call in the past few times, which as been frustrating.   



This forum is for Zoom Phone issues, not Zoom Meetings - may want to put in the correct forum?

I will say I've had a similar issue with a specific bluetooth headset brand and macintoshes that seemed to be a known long term issue outside of Zoom.