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New Survey Functionality


You appear to no longer be able to attach polls/quizzes to a meeting ahead of time?  Only launch while the meeting is open?  I don't know if this was done to eliminate the "cap" of 10 polls from your library being able to be attached to your meeting - which the limit made no sense.


I have 39 polls covering content for 5 different types of programs.  Since you cannot reorder polls except by modified date, I'd need to scroll through every poll in my library while managing the meeting to find the next one to launch.


What is the point of the check box next to a Survey (poll) question? It does not allow you to do anything you cannot get to with the ...


Are my polls in my meeting templates "safe" since they were not added to my Library?


Polls needed some upgrading  but this does not seem to be the answer.



I just deleted several polls from a meeting and they were removed from my library. Don't delete anything until confirmed.


I created an account on this community JUST looking for the answer to this question. This new functionality is going to make the polls virtually unusable for those of who do different polls frequently - we don't have standard poll questions so we add new polls every event we host - which means within a month, we'll have a library of too many to sort through during a live event. 


Agree with both your concerns.  I was also hoping someone from Zoom would jump in and tell us we are wrong. I have 2 templates with 10-12 questions each. Those are not in the library - but I'm concerned about tclearwaters post above.