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My Wedding


I got married on 12/10/2022 and had it on zoom. However, my brother (our groomsman in charge of the zoom) forgot to click record. I know for sure that I had gotten a premium subscription so that it could last longer than 40 minutes and have more than 100 participants. I have been trying for over a year to find out if somehow it automatically recorded and if I could pay to get that footage. There are two zoom accounts we could have done it under, either mine or my brother's. I'm thinking we probably did it under my brother's, because he got an email from zoom on 12/12/2022 about joining. Neither of us have the premium subscription anymore, but I need to somehow find out if that video exists and if I could access it by paying for premium on one of our accounts. Since we don't have premium, the BOT won't let me speak to a human. I am out of options. Please help me.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Sorry, but Zoom doesn’t record anything unless the Host or a co-cost starts the recording. Any Cloud recording initiated is stored under the account of the meeting owner.  If you have maintained a Pro account during that time, it could never in your account still. If you have not maintained a Pro account, at this late date it will no longer be available. 

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