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Main view screen vanishes when I share my screen


I am using Zoom with the most updated desktop app and set for dual monitors. When I share anything -- a whiteboard, a powerpoint, a third screen, etc. -- my main display disappears and all I have is the toolbar. (Picture attached). My chat and participant list also disappear (unless I have them popped out). There is a workaround as I can re-position, resize, and re-set the view of the second display, but that is seriously annoying. Is there a way to prevent the display from vanishing? 



No I think that is standard behaviour

Unfortunate if it is. It makes sense when you have a single screen, but none at all when you have 2 or more. 


Hello  Azmaveth,  My meeting  also keeps getting 'interrupted' giving me a white screen and I have to  reenter my ID numbers and codes to be readmitted to the meeting. This happens many times during the hour and I miss most of the meetings. I have sent Zoom requests for help but none have come. What answers have you gotten from the community?  Cherie 


Sorry, Cherie, I do not know why that would happen. It sounds like possibly your Zoom needs updating. Zoom definitely works best and has the least problems when you run the desktop app on a PC or Mac, and you need to make sure it is up to date. Not sure if that helps you or not.


Having the same issue. With 2 screens, when I share a powerpoint, I lose all of the people on my zoom main page and only have the toolbar. It did not used to be this way so something changed with the update.

I have the duplicate issue, did you have any luck in resolving?