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Low bandwidth with high speed internet

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

I have a dedicated laptop to host Zoom meetings from that has a wired connection to gigabit speed internet.  When I check the internet speed, it is consistent with what one would expect from gigabit speed internet (~900mbps up/down).


Unfortunately, Zoom does not seem to care.  The bandwidth I am getting in the statistics page is ranges from 200-1500kbps (send) and a pretty solid 3000mbps (receive).  Zoom recommends a 3.8/3.0Mbps (up/down) for full HD video.  


Anyone know why my bandwidth would be throttled on Zoom while able to utilize gigabit speed internet on the same device?



The same exact thing is happening to me. I have tested my internet speed and it's clocking in at 400+mbps. Every Zoom meeting is laggy showing low bandwidth and "your internet is unstable" messages when it is not. Zoom please help!


Same problem here: I have an iMac and a logi-cam as well as a 10 GB fiber internet. Inhouse I have 1 GB LAN.


When I use zoom the speed drops down on connectivity speed form 1 GB to 100 mb (seen on the web interface of theGS108Tv3 8-Port Gigabit Smart Managed Pro Switch).


The Switch is connected via LAN to the Computer.


That happens only when I use zoom - all other programs work well.


I have updated drivers, changed cables - the whole nine yards ...


Any help would be highly appreciated


Hi Guys, Same problem .  Zoom Support team , PLEASE HELP .


This is my issue too... anyone find an answer yet?



I Found the Solution after so long:

There are two pieces of equipment on the telephone lines which Xfinity uses to connect into the home.  It’s on top of the telephone pole.  Technical personnel access it via a “Cherry picker” on top of their vehicle.  One is an amplifier.  What is the other device is called a Splitter or “Pedestan box.”  Once Xfinity replaced these devices (mine were at least 30 years old,) but did get a good signal…then the problem was fixed!  Yes, it was a problem that even the technician could not determine with the “signal strength equipment,” when testing the line.  The old equipment simply needed replacing.

I had struggled for 8 months with "low internet" connection, esp in Zoom. I've found others had the same problem. Even though I got a good "signal" into the home, there was this ongoing intermittent problem. When the Technician replaced both the amplifier and the splitter, low and behold, everything works GREAT now. I want to share this information on the Zoom chat/blog so others could be helped. It's frustrating because everyone points the finger to someone else for the problem, i.e. "It's a problem with Zoom," or its your router, and after spending HOURS with Tech support and no resolve, it was great to finally find the problem.