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Does Zoom intend to fix the usability problems with their live transcript functionality? As a hearing impaired person, it is up to me to inform everybody who is a meeting host that I am hearing impaired and would like them to turn on live transcript! For every meeting! And after turning them on, the host has to turn them off for himself. Then if the host decides to join from a conference room, there is actually nobody I can ask to enable the live transcript. In addition, when live transcript is turned on, everybody in the meeting sees a banner that says it's been turned on. I assume this is to notify that possible one other person in the meeting who might benefit from captions, but from my perspective it's just another layer of notifying the whole meeting that I have a disability.  I'm glad that Zoom figured out how to at least have some level of support for closed captioning. Now I'm hoping you'll take it further. 



I would love the ability to have Live Transcripts on by default ideally as part of organization policy, or at least on a per user basis for any meetings they create.  Not only does it help people with hearing impairments, those of us who are neurodiverse also find having a transcript helpful when trying to follow along.