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Keyboard not working with screen sharing



I have an issue with the keyboard when screensharing. When I share my screen the other person can draw using the pencil but can't type text, it's as if their keyboard is locked (it even makes that sound) whereas I can annotate just fine. However the keyboard isn't really locked, they can use it to navigate between slides on a powerpoint for example.

The reverse is true : when the other person share their screen I'm unable to type text but can drap on it. The keyboard works in the chat and when using the whiteboard, I only get this issue when screen sharing.

Has anyone elle ever had this problem? I'm using Windows on my computer.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @m4em4e –


I’ve always found annotating to be tricky! You might check out this Zoom Support article on annotations,  Even that article doesn’t do a great job talking about text annotations.


Basically, you have to click the T text tool, drag across the area of the screen or click where you want to start typing, and you should be able to type while the text “bounding box” is showing. 

If you’re doing all of that but still can’t type in any text, give me more information: what device, Meeting or Webinar, screen shot (without private info please), Zoom version. Maybe with more details I can figure out what’s the issue. 

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