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Keyboard Shortcuts for Simultaneous Interpreters




I've scoured the internet looking for documentation about keyboard shortcuts to switch between the original audio channel and the interpreted language audio as a simultaneous interpreter. It seems that such a shortcut exists, but hardly anyone specifies what it is, and the few who do don't always agree. I should clarify at this point that I'm focused in particular on Zoom for Windows. Ctrl+Shift+C seems the most popular answer but I can't find it documented anywhere.


Does anyone know where I can find documentation around the behavior of this shortcut? I am not myself an interpreter so I can't just open Zoom and use trial and error until I discover something. My goal is to create a small keyboard as a gift for my mother to simplify her life as a Zoom interpreter, but such a keyboard only seems possible if there are well-documented shortcuts I can use to interact with her Zoom window.


Thank you for any insight you can provide!