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Infuriating defaults when presenting using dual screens


Like most professionals, I have dual monitors. Whenever I present my screen, it also covers the presented screen with controls and participant videos. That's a pretty frustrating default behavior when you have a second monitor. You can enable dual monitor mode (in Settings > General > Use dual monitors) which will move those elements to your second screen, but then as soon as you stop presenting, it has the speaker on one screen and the participants on another, which is really jarring and distracting. Every time anyone talks, they jump to the other screen.


Clearly this needs improvement. Zoom should either:

1. By default, show the meeting controls and participant videos on a different screen if one is attached, or

2. Add a setting to enable Dual monitor mode *only* when presenting


Option 1 is clearly the better option because literally nobody with two screens wants the screen to be covered when they are presenting. It's such bizarre and annoying behavior. But option 2 would at least solve the problem.