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Incorrect Cloud Storage Calculating?


We keep regularly getting emails from Zoom saying we are using 37 GB worth of cloud recordings, and that our account only has 2 GB of cloud storage. However, whenever I check our Zoom archive of cloud recordings, there's usually only 1 or 2 recent recordings, that certainly total less than 2GB total. Our trash is totally empty too... so where are the 37 gigs coming from? Any ideas?


We have a number of local recordings stored on a few different laptops, but this shouldn't contribute to our cloud storage total, right??


If anyone has any ideas or any similar situations/findings you can share, I'd sincerely appreciate it! Thank you!


Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner


Are you checking on the web portal, the Admin section, under Account management, Recording management?

That is where you can see everybody's recordings, and how much space you are using (top right corner).