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Incoming Screenshare video lagging


For the past 2 years, I've been joining a Zoom meeting where the owner of the meeting screenshares, we all have cameras turned on for the duration of the meeting.

For the past week, my incoming screenshare video has been extremely laggy. It starts out fine and then slows down, occasionally it will speed up faster than normal then resume lagging. Audio isn't affected and the other video participants and my own video are just fine.

Nothing has changed with my internet connection

I have logged out/in, deleted and reinstalled, used different laptops, and even reinstalled an older version of Zoom. All to no avail.

What is the issue? It is a significant issue as I need to see the screenshare in real time.




I am having the same issue, after 60 seconds the framerate drops to 1 frame per second, like it is skipping.  This is a huge issue.