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I can't download Zoom


I deleted the zoom itself and tried to install it again because it didn't open for a few days.

Attempted to install the file 'Zoom_cm_fo42lnktZ9vvrZo4_mBp1Y6wUMJNbSETKdWXOVdUyZfJ9fhr3VaAN9@REPK8e6GNPO4Jjx+_kc7ba0a19d189_exe' downloaded through the zoom site. However, after installing about 1%, the file is repeatedly deleted.

How can I solve this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @parkse,


The most often used and generally successful way to install Zoom is to visit this link, which should launch the Zoom installer specific to your device: 


If you don't have success with that, please come back and give specifics about what failed during the installation with that method.  Also include what type of device and what operating system (and version) you are using.


Good luck!

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