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How to stitche two MP4 video files into one while maintaining quality ?


The situation seems to be common. It was necessary to prepare an MP4 video file of the presentation to be shown at a scientific ZOOM conference. Requirements: file must be no larger than 100MB, video resolution 1920x1080 pixels, good sound and image quality. ZOOM was used to prepare the video. It was not possible to record the entire video from one time, it turned out two MP4 files with sizes of 11 and 23 Mb, of good quality. To combine them into one file, several video editing programs were used, for example, MOVAVI. The result did not satisfy us. The output files turned out to be much larger than 100 Mb, and, moreover, of noticeably worse quality, not suitable for display at the conference.
If someone knows a way to stitche two Zoom video files into one without losing quality and without multiplying the size, please let me know.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@fivit  – do you still need assistance with this?


You’re asking a highly technical question that really isn’t a Zoom question, but more of a post-event video editing and production question.  I do this sort of work for my clients often. If you are still in need of this help, please send me your email address in a private message, or let me know and I’ll send you my information in a Zoom Community private message. I can spend a limited amount of time describing the process for you in the coming week. 

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Thanks for the offer of help. Unfortunately, it’s too late, I could not solve my problem in time, I had to send a backup version of the video presentation. Now, having sorted through several video editing programs, I found an acceptable option for myself. The stitched video file is not much inferior in quality to the original and is relatively small. From two parts (11 + 24) MB, 65 MB came out. This is several times smaller than what I originally got.
I think a good paper about how, using what programs you can quickly and efficiently stitche ZOOM recordings into a solid video product, would be very useful to many ZOOM users, especially beginners like me.