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Help with access to audio control commands


I am somewhat embarassed to post this, as I have been using Zoom to teach a folk music course to retirees for over two years. In this course, I use audio and video clips embedded in Powerpoint slides. I just changed computers, from an H-P desktop to a Dell desktop. With the H-P, I could easily adjust the audio controls on the fly to optimize for the playing of music. Since changing to the Dell, however, I am having problems with  fluctuating music volume and quality on the listener end of a Zoom session. The nature of the problem suggests that noise reduction algorithms are responsible, but I have been unable to correct the problem by changing the audio control settings available during the Zoom session itself. I have a Zoom license, so I want to see if changing the audio controls available to the administrator will make any difference, but I am unable to access them!  All the available online instructions direct one to click on the Zoom profile picture, which brings up the settings gear icon, then click on that icon to access the audio controls, among other options. But when I click on my profile picture, I get only a menu on the left side of my screen, with no settings icon visible anywhere. I have systematically gone through this menu without locating any way of accessing the usual audio controls. Thanks for your help.



From "Home" select the gear wheel below your image to access audio. There you can select low suppression and below that is pro audio where you can select HiFi music. Zoom thinks music is noise.

I understand all that.  As I stated originally, I don't SEE a gear wheel when I click on my profile image. But thanks for your response.

Did you ever get the answer because I have the same problem?  I want to use the audio for podcasting.