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Help! tracking the attendees’ time and proctoring an end-of-meeting quiz


Hello all.  I am an admin for my work and have recently been posed this question.  I really want to help, but I cant think of anything aside from advanced polling to help these guys out.  So here I am - making a help me i'm stupid post!



We host classes that provide the Continued Education (CE) credits/hours required to renew licenses issued by the CA Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR).  In order to provide these CE credits to attendees via a virtual class/webinar, DPR requires that the webinar include two methods of attendance verification:

  1. The webinar platform must have the ability to track individual users’ Time in Session (TIS).
  2. A quiz covering the webinar’s subject matter must be passed by each attendee at the conclusion of the webinar.

Current System

We have hosted a number of these CE webinars over the last several years using Zoom to run the webinar and Google Forms to proctor the quiz.  While both work great for their respective purposes, they are not linked in any way and by far the most challenging aspect of hosting these webinars is processing/matching up the Zoom Time In Session and Forms quiz data sets (exported as Excel spreadsheets).


Any other ideas out there?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Napan - I'm wondering have you explored Zoom reporting abilities for Webinars? I'm confident you'll be able to capture some of the data, such as an individual's Time in Session (TIS) see below.



For additional information on reporting, visit the following URL


Let us know if you need any additional information. 

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Gregg Glowinski