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Help Needed: Poor Video Calling Quality on 8GB RAM Laptop During Zoom Meetings


Hey everyone,


I'm seeking some assistance with a frustrating issue I've been experiencing lately. Whenever I attend online classes or meetings via Zoom on my 8GB RAM laptop, I encounter significant problems with video calling quality. The video often appears pixelated, freezes intermittently, and sometimes even disconnects altogether, disrupting my learning experience.


I've tried troubleshooting the problem on my own by checking my internet connection, updating Zoom to the latest version, and adjusting various settings within the application. However, none of these efforts seem to have made a noticeable improvement.


Given that my laptop meets the minimum system requirements for Zoom and has 8GB of RAM, I'm puzzled as to why I'm encountering such poor performance during video calls. Could there be other factors contributing to this issue that I'm overlooking? Is there something specific I should be checking or adjusting to optimize the video calling experience on my laptop?


I've seen some suggestions online about optimizing video calling performance by closing background applications, adjusting video settings within Zoom, and ensuring that my webcam drivers are up to date. However, I'm curious to hear from others who may have encountered similar issues and found effective solutions.


If anyone has experienced poor video calling quality on their 8GB RAM laptop during Zoom meetings or other video conferencing platforms, I'd greatly appreciate any insights or advice you can offer. Whether it's specific settings tweaks, hardware upgrades, or alternative solutions you've discovered, I'm open to trying anything that might help alleviate this frustrating problem.


Thank you in advance for your assistance, and I look forward to hearing from the community!


Best regards,




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

RAM (memory) is one piece of the puzzle, and not always a terribly important one. 

You'll need to also consider your CPU (specs + utilization) and internet bandwidth/stability.


I'd recommend launching the Statistics page (Settings->Statistics) when you're in a meeting to get a better idea of how well your computer is handling the call.