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Cannot Delete this Meeting. Error code: 200


I do no use Zoom calendar.  

I have an ongoing meeting that is lingering on my calendar that someone else attached me to.  I have contacted the company and asked them to cancel that meeting and or remove me.  They have done that.  At the same time, while trying to get some support from Zoom, a new "Delete" button appeared next to this meeting.  When I click on it it warns me that it will be permanent.  I acknowledge and then get this error:  "Cannot delete this meeting. Error code: 200"

I am baffled that I cannot "exit" a meeting and get it off my list of recurring meetings in Zoom.   Zoom told me I needed to contact the owner of the meeting and I have done that.  Yet it is still there.  

Please help if you can. 

Device type: Windows App
Zoom Version: 5.17.11 (34827)



I have the same issue. The recurring meeting is not in my Outlook calendar anymore, but all the occurrences of it are still shown in Zoom. If I attempt to delete the series in Zoom, I get the same error message: "Cannot delete this meeting. Error code: 200". The Delete this Occurrence action is grayed out, so I cannot remove them one-by-one either. I am not clear on why I cannot remove these meetings?