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I'm not having a specific problem (as far as I know...)  I just got fed up and nuked windows off of my hard drive and switched over to Linux Ubuntu as my primary OS.  I just ran my first Zoom meeting in Linux and was surprised as some of the differences between the Linux version and the Windows version.   Is it normal to be unable to move the individual windows around, or is this an issue that can be corrected?  I'm accustomed to placing the person who is speaking directly beneath the camera, and/or placing people who are "just listening" at the bottom of the screen and the people with video on at the top... but I can't do any of this.


Is there some setting I need to change, or is this just how the Linux version *is*?  Might seem like a minor issue to some, but it's disconcerting to be unable to do things I've been doing since shortly after the pandemic started.


Any input is greatly appreciated!