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Gallery View recording showing only spotlighted speaker


I'm not sure when this started, but the Gallery View recording in the cloud shows all of the participants only when there is not a spotlighted participant. When a participant is spotlighted, only that speaker is shown in the gallery view  cloud recording. I have selected these recording settings:

Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately

Active speaker
Gallery view
Shared screen
I think this used to work, with gallery view always showing all of the participants with video enabled.
I have seen suggestions that enabling dual monitor might solve this, but this is not an option for me.


Update! We found a solution (also posted a separate reply here and in the other threads mentioned).


We fixed it by disabling "Record gallery view with shared screen".


Apparently it's some kind of picture-in-picture "feature" that now screws with the layout:



Original comment starts below:


Also happening here. Was working fine until April 22, 2022. Now gallery view is not working for recordings. The first few seconds are in gallery view, then it defaults to speaker view on the recorded file. We made no changes on the back end. This problem seems to turn up a few times from posts back in 2021, but we've been unable to find a resolution.









Original comment ends.


The same thing is occurring for our organization. We've recorded our calls in gallery view before without issue, but now only our spotlighted speakers are showing up. What's confusing about this is that previous this was a feature zoom was NOT allowing for - making you pay for Webinar level in order to be able to record your spotlighted speakers, but now that is what is happening for our gallery view. That means we'd have to NOT spotlight anyone in order to record in gallery view successfully. 


I'm having the same problem. It started in April 2022.  Have tried different configurations but still unable to get gallery view recording when spotlight is active.  So bummed out 😞


No help here, but there are so many issues with Zoom recordings. Such a shame.


Fixed it by disabling "Record gallery view with shared screen".


Apparently it's some kind of picture-in-picture "feature" that now screws with the layout:




I was not using "Record gallery view with shared screen" when I was having this problem.

For us, we had changed nothing on the back end when this suddenly started happening, so it's clearly not user error.

Can't say for sure if this will help, but we've noticed that Zoom maintains separate Recording settings for each licensed account, as well as each group created. Perhaps there is a setting in one account that's overriding the setting as you have it.

We don't know which of them solved the problem for us, as we changed them all (5 in total; a 3-seat license and two groups) at the same time.

This involved logging in and out of each account to see its specific Recordings settings, and also going into the Groups section in the left column on the main account, going to their Recordings tabs and updating those as well.


We only have a single-seat license, so I don't think that's our problem.



Is this fixed yet? We want GVO to be the Gallery view even with Spotlighting.


Our procedure used to be to do a Cloud recording to get
the Active speaker view (AVO) and Gallery view (GVO), and also
have another co-host do a Local recording to get the (one to four)
Spotlighted speakers.
But at the end of May 2022, the GVO file was almost a duplicate of the
Local Spotlight view (sometimes different screen arrangements).


We need all three recordings. Is there anything we can do?
If we have yet another participant make a local recording and just
stay with the Gallery view, will that do the trick?


I should add that we already had DISabled the option
"Record gallery view with shared screen"