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Recording gallery video


I recently changed my computer and now trying to record the interviews for my podcast but on the recording, I don't have the gallery view anymore even if I select it at the beginning of the video.

When I check the record, there is only videos where I see the person speaking actively but I want to see both persons at the same time on the video. Really annoying. 

This cannot be tested so we discover that at the end when the record is done. I checked all the parameters again and don't know why.

When I am recording the video I see both videos of each person side to side. But when viewing the result I see only the person speaking. 

Let me know please if there is a solution.



I assume you are doing a cloud recording and a regular Zoom meeting. If you log into your Zoom account and look at your record settings there are check boxes for what you would like to record. you can check the box to record the gallery view. 




Fixed it by disabling "Record gallery view with shared screen".


Apparently it's some kind of picture-in-picture "feature" that now screws with the layout: